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About Williams Kherkher

Williams Kherkher was founded in Houston in 1983 as a firm dedicated to representing the people who needed help the most. Today, we employ over 20 attorneys and a staff of over 100. All of our employees are committed to the same standard of excellence and community service. If you have suffered economic loss due to the BP Oil Spill, we may be able to help you get the compensation you deserve. To discuss your case in detail with an understanding legal professional, please contact us today by calling 800-821-1544.

Our Record with Oil Spill Claims

Since June of 2010 we have now successfully processed and collected over 500 claims aggregating over $125 million. In the Deepwater Horizon Claim Center we have completed over 300 claims aggregating over $50 million. While our competition is struggling to explain why nothing is happening, our clients are getting paid. This is a byproduct of our experience, relationship with the claims processors, and unwillingness to accept unqualified claimants.

As experienced commercial trial lawyers operating in the Gulf Coast area, we have a wealth of experience taking on Big Oil. We’ve handled several contamination cases, including claims against large oil companies for MTBE contamination, lead poisoning, pipeline spills, and many others.

When BP’s refinery in Texas City exploded killing 15 workers and injuring hundreds of others, Williams Kherkher was there. We represented 150 injured victims who desperately needed and deserved compensation for their injuries. If you have been affected by the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill, we may be able to help you get the compensation you need.

We’ve handled over 100 BP Claim Appeals for businesses and charities throughout the Gulf Coast. The Claims Appeal process implicates a lawyer’s specialized training, a thorough understanding of the 1,033 page Class Action Settlement, the hundreds of Policy Decisions, and various Court Orders authored by Carl Barbier and his magistrate. BP’s overall 75% success rate with Claim Appeals shows that having an experienced team of Claim Appeal lawyers on your side isn’t just a good idea, it is an absolute requirement. If you’ve been waiting for months, or even years, to get your BP Claim paid, don’t take chances with the Claim Appeals process. Contact us today and get an experienced team fighting on your behalf.

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We know what it takes to take on Big Oil and win, and we can put this experience to work for you. If you have a Claim Appeal, our Claim Appeal attorneys are standing by ready to help. Please contact Williams Kherkher today by calling 800-821-1544

Armi Easterby
Armi Easterby is a commercial trial lawyer who manages the commercial & consumer litigation section at the Williams Kherkher Law Firm.

Amanda Duncan

Amanda Duncan is a contract attorney working exclusively on Oil Spill Claims.

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