BP cannot recover funds from “overpaid” settlements

United States District Judge Carl Barbier said on Thursday, September 25 that London-based oil giant BP, who was responsible for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, must honor the financial commitment it made to companies affected by the incident.

BP challenged some repayments because they say that some of the claims were overestimated. Recently, a judge agreed to adjust the payout structure in favor of BP, but ruled that the oil company cannot recover money from settlements that were already finalized; they must adhere to previous agreements.

Barbier will also make a ruling on whether to extend the deadline for oil spill cleanup workers looking to collect compensation for illnesses related to the accident. Currently workers had to file a claim by April 16, 2012, but there are those who say their symptoms didn’t present until after the deadline. A settlement of over $60,000 is at stake. The courts will review this at a later date.

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