Ruling may mean $18B in more fines for oil giant BP

Civil society group members, environmentalists, fishermen, and other people who make a living near the Gulf of Mexico celebrated the U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier’s ruling on September 4 that London-based oil giant BP Plc acted with gross negligence when it caused 4.2 million barrels, or 176 million gallons, of oil to spill into the Gulf, the Associated Press reported.

This could mean additional fines of $18 billion for BP. Barbier further ruled that BP bears 67% of the responsibility for the oil spill; Swiss-based drilling rig owner Transocean Ltd., 30%; and Houston, Texas-based cement contractor Halliburton Energy Services, 3%.

BP earned $24 billion in profits in 2013 but may be forced to sell some of its assets to pay the additional fines, analysts said.

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